Blessing Meals

The Mission and Ministry Board of Canton Lutheran makes casseroles to bring to those that are experiencing difficult times. Any CLC member is welcome to go to the basement freezer, take a casserole, and deliver it to a friend or relative in need. We have had members give them to people with new babies, surgeries and other health issues.

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Canton Lutheran Caregivers

Canton Lutheran Caregivers serves those members of our church body who, due to physical limitations, are unable to attend church services regularly. Some are unable to leave “home” at all. They rely on caregivers who provide for their basic needs—but sometimes that just isn't enough. Without regular social contact, they begin to feel isolated, helpless, and lonely. These dear saints, of whom CLC has over 30, present a great opportunity for ministry. If you're wondering what that looks like, it can be as simple as sending a note, taking Home Communion, making a phone call or stopping by for a visit. It is a great privilege to come alongside and encourage our homebound members. Contact Pastor Tim for more information

Prayer Ministry

The purpose of Prayer Ministry Team at CLC is not to keep people informed about what is happening in the church, but rather to pray for needs and concerns, and also to give praises for answered prayers.  All prayer requests submitted to the Prayer Ministry Team are kept confidential by those who receive the name or situation for which to pray. However, if you wish to add your prayer to the Prayers of the People section of our weekly worship bulletin please let us know when you submit your prayer request for the prayer team and / or bulletin by calling the church office (605) 764-2429 (8-4 M-F) or by email at clc@cantonlutheran.net Note: Because of privacy laws, we can only pass on names to the prayer team and/or publically pray for someone if asked by a family member or requested by the person themselves.

Lincoln County Food Pantry

The Food Pantry for Lincoln County is housed at Canton Lutheran. We work with the CantonmMinisterial and Love Inc organizations in distributing nonperishable items to those in need.